How to choose your Wedding Photobooth Partner?


Looking for a Wedding Photobooth  has never been more difficult now compared to years back where the Photobooth business is still at its infancy. With so many different  Wedding Photobooth vendors in the market, wedding couples are spoilt for choices.


So how can you ensure that the Photobooth Is a hit for your guests and not a waste of money? Fret not as we break down 6 important points you should look out for when choosing the right photobooth partner for your perfect wedding.



Your Photobooth Experience = Camera + Studio Lights + Printer


Your guests’ Photobooth Experience will greatly be determined by the quality of prints they get to bring home. No one wants an underexposed or blurred instant print as a memento. This should be your number one priority when engaging a Photobooth.


Hotels have dimly-lit ballroom and reception area, thus a professional photobooth service should provide adequate lighting to ensure the photo taken will be evenly-exposed.


Having a Digital-Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) set-up is definitely a plus as compared to an iPad set-up or webcam set-up. The camera sensor on a DSLR is much bigger than on an iPad/webcam, which allows more light to be captured. More light and sharper details equate to better pictures!




No one likes waiting; therefore Photobooth companies employ high-speed dye-sublimation printing technology. But do look out for vendors that are using consumer-based printer (i.e. Canon Selphy, Epson Picturemate). These signals a red flag as they are meant for home use and will not be able to match-up to speed with the industrial standard photo printers. To ensure the longevity of your photographs, all dye-sublimation printouts are fingerprint-proof, dust-proof and water-resistance.



Variety of Props & Backdrop




What fun would it be for your guests without props for them to strike their sassy poses? It’s a wedding and you probably already have a wedding photographer to settle all your formal and serious shots, Photobooth is where you get your fun and wacky shots of your family and friends!


Once you have narrowed down the Photobooth Company you would like to work with, check with them if they have any props they can bring to your wedding. There should be plentiful of wedding themed props and also a mixture of other more generic props like oversized glasses, wigs, boa? etc.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can check if the company is able to curate a set of props that will remind people of you as a couple. Whether if it’s your favourite childhood cartoon, a special quote or a caricature of the two of you, make your wedding photobooth stand out from the rest.





Most Photobooth vendor provides photo overlay templates and also customization of overlay, the latter usually at a slight premium. Take some time to think of what you want your printout to look like. Ideally, you should have a general idea on what you want before choosing on customizing your own template.


If you have no idea what your Photobooth layout should look like, choosing a template will be a more fuss-free approach. Your photobooth company should have an array of designs to choose from and also provide some slight alteration of wordings, colours and fonts.



Self-service V.S. Attendant


Choosing a Booth with attendant should be your best bet. A good attendant would help encourage guests to kick-start the photobooth action! They should also help to ensure the prints are in order and that your guests receive it in the end. And of course if anything goes wrong (touch wood!), a service-oriented attendant should have an emergency kit on hand to fix the issue immediately.


On the other hand, a self-service photobooth can provide additional privacy for your guests, but it will be a huge problem if there is any issue with the booth during reception.



Reputation of your Photobooth partner


Getting recommendations from your friends and family is a good indicator on how reliable the Photobooth service can be. But having a platform to check on the good and bad reviews will provide a better perspective on how the Photobooth vendor did for the majority of their clients.


Facebook page is one of the easiest source of such reviews. Both good and bad review cannot be taken down by the admins of the page.  If you ever found a service provider who does not have a facebook page, it is best to check with them on the reason behind. They could be a new player in the market or maybe they are more invested on Wedding platforms like SingaporeBrides.




Price (beware of hidden cost!)

When looking at the pricing, be careful to check what’s included in the package. Most Photobooth vendors have packages of different tiers to meet different demands from prospective couples. Always make sure that you are not signing up only to realize you have to pay more for services that you thought you’d definitely want for your big day.


Always look out for PROMOTIONS out there and remember to read the terms and conditions!



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