Q1. Do the package(s) include unlimited printing?

Yes, all our packages include unlimited printing within the duration.

Q2. How much time is needed to complete the set-up?

Less than 20minutes! We will be there at least 30minutes earlier and check all equipment before the start of the service.

Q3. How much space is needed for the photo booth?

4 x 4 metres.

Q4. What are the facilities required for the photo booth set-up?

A nearby power outlet and 2 long tables. We will need 1 to hold the props and the other for the printer.

Q5. What are the sizes available for prints?

4R - 4 x 6 inches, 102 x 154 mm
Bookmark size - 2 x 6 inches, 51 x 154 mm
Wallet size - 3 x 4 inches, 76 x 102 mm
Polaroid size - 2⅛ x 3½ inches, 54 x 89mm

Q6. What is a photo lay-out?

It is the design of the print-out with information like the name of event, date location etc.

Q.7 Can I customise the photo lay-out on my own?

Yes, that's possible. We will send you the template PSD file, which includes instructions on how to add your design.

Q.8 Can you send me some sample of your prints?

We have a sample kit designed just for you. Arrange a meet-up with us now and receive a set for FREE.

Q.9 How can I arrange a meet-up with you?

Email us at [email protected]

Q10. How fast do your printer prints?

Our printer prints at 8.9 seconds for 4R prints.

Q11. Will I get a soft-copy return of the photos taken during event?

Yes! All saved in a thumb drive and handover to you on the same day.

Q12. Are your prints fade resistance?

All our prints have a laminated layer, which makes it resistance to fading, water, fingerprint and even dust!